DoCENT – Digital Creativity ENhanced in Teacher education
Digital Creativity ENhanced in Teacher education

DoCENT – Digital Creativity ENhanced in Teacher education – aims to develop, implement, validate and disseminate an innovative model to guide teacher educators in applying digital creative teaching practices.

Digital creative teaching consists of applying technologies to develop teaching processes that are particular to creativity, i.e. promoting learner-centered methodologies, helping to make connections, providing safe environments that encourage risk-taking, encouraging collaboration, as well as boosting exploration and discovery. In this line, the DoCENT model used approaches as manipulative technologies, robotics, digital making and digital games. We adopted a cross-curricular approach, to which digital creativity can be applied to any subject, i.e. STEM, social studies and creative expression.

As part of the project, a Framework of Digital Creative Teaching Competencies was developed. Case studies were analysed in Greece, Italy and Spain. Furthermore, the partners developed a MOOC course and a Serious Game that were tested. The project outputs were implemented in three higher educational systems (i.e. Italy, Greece and Spain), learning cultures and socio-economic situations.

Duration: 2017-19 (2 años)
Program: Erasmus +, Strategic Partnerships for higher education
Project Number: 2017-1- IT02-KA203- 036807
Coordinator: University of Naples (Italy)
PI CreaTIC: Anna Trifonova

Resultados esperados de DoCENT:
Duración: 2017-19 (2 años)
Programa: Erasmus +, Strategic Partnerships for higher education
Número de proyecto: 2017-1- IT02-KA203- 036807
Coordinador: University of Naples (Italy)
IP CreaTIC: Anna Trifonova

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Financiado por el programa Erasmus+, este proyecto tiene un enfoque innovador sobre el aprendizaje digital para la la orientación laboral temprana de los alumnos para la prevención de NiNi